Are you an internationally educated healthcare professional?

If so this service can support you in creating a clear career path to finding successful, practical employment in healthcare related industries.

Alternative Career Options for internationally trained health care professionals

The need to increase and support the healthcare sector in Ontario has never been more evident that in the last two years. The pandemic has increased the strain on the sector as well as highlighting the gaps where Ontario can further improve in its services.

The Alternative Career Options Program (ACO) is an example of the insights and expertise that WILL can provide to support policy makers and various levels of government in highlighting opportunities specifically for internationally trained healthcare professionals. There is a significant opportunity for these highly skilled and trained healthcare professionals to fill the gaps in Ontario. However, due to the underutilization of International Medical Graduates during the pandemic many have been discouraged in pursuing the long licensure process, as it continues to yield low results for those that are internationally trained.

This program was launched in 2018 as a result of the long licensing process required for immigrant healthcare professionals to continue their career in Canada. As an alternative to achieving licensure or while completing the process of licensure, ACO provides assistance to participants in preparing for and finding employment that best matches their skills and education within healthcare and related sectors.

The top five alternative career options identified by internationally trained healthcare professionals were:

  • Clinical Assistant
  • Clinical Research
  • Pharmacy/Dental Assistant
  • Personal Support Worker
  • Registered Practical Nurse

By assisting clients in assessing their skills and helping them recognize how their skills inventory can be key attributes to success in alternate career paths, 70% of internationally trained healthcare professional clients were employed after receiving support through the ACO program.

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