Newcomer Talent Retention Network

As a leader and strong driver of innovative employment solutions, WILL Immploy is embarking on project that brings together the strong partnerships and expertise to support employers with retention strategies.

This project will focus on six specific retention strategies to support employers as they build their expertise on attracting and supporting newcomer and immigrant talent:

  1. Equitable and inclusive onboarding strategies
  2. Intercultural communication
  3. Equity and Inclusion
  4. Human Resources
  5. Immigration Law
  6. Community settlement

These experts will work with employers to provide specialized consultancy based on each employers unique needs and build a tailored workplace action plan to improve immigrant and newcomer talent retention in the workplace.

The benefits of this project go beyond leveraging immigrant and newcomer talent. The objective is to support employers so that they will experience less turnover as they prioritize strategies that encourage newcomer retention, and these changes will benefit the entire workplace.

Creating welcoming and inclusive workplaces and creating a more diverse workforce will yield innovative and creative solutions to the benefit of all employees.

Join us in building something great.