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As a WILL Immploy Mentor, not only will you help to inspire and motivate a newcomer to Canada, and will gain greater insight into diversity, inclusion, and international knowledge about your industry.

Mentorship Opportunities

  • Group Mentorship offers your company an opportunity to volunteer as a team with newcomers in your industry.
  • One-on-One Mentorship matches professional volunteers with a skilled newcomer in your industry.
  • Virtual Mentorship allows professional volunteers and skilled newcomers to be matched with anyone across Southwestern Ontario.
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Benefits of Mentorship

  • Strengthen leadership and coaching skills
  • Improve inter-cultural awareness and competency
  • Develop communication skills
  • Gain an international perspective on your field or occupation
  • Spot talent for potential recruitment – before your competition
Become A Mentor Today


  • Professionals with at least three years of employment experience in Southwestern Ontario
  • Knowledge about your industry and the skills required to gain employment
  • Willingness to explore the challenges that newcomers to Canada face
  • Newcomers that have recently reconnected with their field are invited to participate as Peer Mentors
Become A Mentor Today