Corporate or Connector Champion

WILL Immploy Champions are organizations and companies committed to an inclusive, sustainable and prosperous workforce. We are grateful for the corporate teams prioritizing the recruitment and retention of newcomer talent across the region.

Become part of this group of Champions!


  • Enhance leadership, management and coaching skills across a broad range of your employee base.
  • Contribute to the success of your company and promote regional economic and philanthropic growth.
  • Be recognized as an employer-of-choice for your commitment to diversity.
  • Communicate and promote your workplace culture among an emerging talent pool.
  • Boost cultural awareness of staff today to create an inclusive workplace tomorrow.
  • Engage staff in exploring their professional fields from international perspectives.
  • Explore new business opportunities in global and ethno-cultural markets
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How It Works

We invite you to partner with us as a Corporate or Connector Champion by:

  • Recruiting program mentors from company staff.
  • Sharing information on the program within your company.
  • Being publicly recognized as a Champion of the program.
  • Promoting the program to the broader business community.

WILL Immploy also offers its Champions opportunities for professional associations.

For more information on becoming a Corporate or Connector Champion, please contact us.

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