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Connecting employers to immigrant talent for economic prosperity.

Successful employment is more than creating a job posting. At WILL we support employers in addressing their employment gaps, while also connecting employers to effective employment tools and resources. From recruitment, screening, mentoring programs, onboarding and retention of immigrant and newcomer talent, the WILL Immploy team offers education and training solutions to local workplaces seeking to keep a competitive, inclusive and welcoming edge in the competition for top talent.

Why does immigration matter?

Immigrants grow and shape Canada’s future.

By the year 2040 23% of Canada’s population will be 65 years or older. With 9.2 million baby boomers set to retire, and a declining net population growth, we will continue to experience a shortage of skilled workers in our communities. Canada is becoming more and more reliant on immigrant talent to bridge the gap between the labour market demand and limited supply of workers.

Canada will require 350,000 immigrants annually to meet workforce need.

The good news is that most Canadian immigrants have professional training, making them an asset to companies and their communities.

The WILL Immploy expertise

Our expertise and understanding of the needs of employers throughout Southwestern Ontario is due to our leadership structure and team. WILL Immploy is an Immigrant Employment Council. We have a leadership council and advisory committee that consists of employers and social service providerss throughout the region.

Our mandate is to connect employers to immigrant talent to foster economic prosperity and we do this by providing employers with employment solutions, tools and resources including:

  • Recruitment services to access a pool of qualified immigrant talent
  • Screening support for evaluating international credentials and language skills to help your company implement a new and more inclusive approach to recruiting
  • Mentoring programs that strengthen leadership, coaching and cross-cultural skills
  • Education and Training Solutions to support employers with their development and growth needs
  • Retention strategies and support through expert consultants based on your unique needs
  • Connections with business leaders and other professionals who have successfully attracted and retained immigrant talent

Skilled immigrants can provide your business with a global advantage in today’s increasingly competitive business environment. They provide insight into other business cultures, access to international markets, valuable language skills, and new technologies. This diversity is an economic strength.

Employing international talent today will build stronger businesses and stronger communities for tomorrow. That’s why hiring immigrants is the right thing to do – it make for good business.

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