Supply Chain Technical Training

Supporting Canada’s supply chain sector.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused one of the largest threats to business operations and continuity. With lockdowns, low supplies, transportation restrictions, and increased cost of materials, there is a need to transform our supply chain management system to a more sustainable model.

To proactively manage risk and transform operations beyond the gaps identified in the pandemic, employers require a labour force which has international expertise in the field.

The skill sets of internationally trained individuals can fill the gap to meet the demand in our regional labour market.

This 3 year program, launched in the 4th quarter of 2021-22 is being delivered in partnership with the London Chapter of the Association for Production and Inventory Controls (APICS). The program has been designed to link supply chain demand with international trained talent, and:

  • Prepare highly skilled individuals to use their transferable skills and experience into commensurate employment in Supply Chain Management and integrate into the Canadian labour market;
  • Engage employers in smaller, rural and remote communities to promote the workforce integration of ITIs to strengthen supply chains across the broader region.

Participants have the option of taking two levels of internationally recognized supply chain technical training as part of the program.

Contact us if you are interested in applying for this program.