About WILL Access

Connecting those in regulated professions with what they need to continue or advance their career in Ontario.

WILL Access is a service of WILL, and it was formerly known as the Access Centre for Regulated Employment.

This service is one of the first programs of its kind in Canada to provide qualified help to newcomers seeking accreditation, licensure, certification and employment in Ontario’s regulated professions and trades. Since it is the only service outside the Greater Toronto Area focused on helping make it faster and easier for newcomers to get licensure for all regulated professions and trades, our services continue to be in strong demand.

We understand that when you are new to Canada there are many things you are trying to learn and understand. So we are here to guide you through the complex processes of Ontario’s regulatory bodies. Each regulated profession has its own process for obtaining licensure, so the WILL Access team can help you navigate the regulator’s process so that you avoid costly and time-consuming errors.

We are also here to support you if you need access to finances to complete your foreign credential recognition process. Our International Trained Worker Loan Program is one of the longest standing microloan programs in Canada. Our goal is to help you overcome the financial barriers to licensure and certification by providing one of the lowest interest rates in Canada for support with tuition, training and more.

If you are interested in having your educational credentials evaluated, need to learn more about the licensure process for a specific profession, or exploring related employment opportunities in your field, WILL Access can help.

Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.