Immigrants grow and shape Canada’s future.

Know the stats:

  • By 2035, it is estimated that almost 100% of Canada’s net population growth will come from immigration.
  • Workforce growth is outpacing population growth, and with almost 5 million Canadians set to retire by 2035 and a declining birthrate, immigration is needed to fill the gaps in our labour force and keep our economy growing.

Canada will require 350,000 immigrants annually to meet workforce need.
That has an impact on all of us.

What does this means for our communities?

  • Immigration addresses labour shortages in such as science, technology, social services and health care: 1 in 4 health care workers in Canada is a newcomer
  • 1 in 3 Canadian businesses is owned by an immigrant. Small businesses are the engine for creating new jobs and fuel innovation
  • Immigrants enrich and strengthen culture and diversity of thought in our communities

And yet, immigrants and newcomers are still facing many systemic barriers as they try to enter the Canadian labour market.

This is due to a general lack of awareness about the value of their skills and experience, international credential recognition, racism, discrimination and unconscious bias in recruitment and retention strategies.

We are on a mission to change that.
We need your help.

At WILL, we believe:

  • A Canadian workplace is a diverse workplace and that
  • Everyone deserves an opportunity to create a prosperous future through meaningful work

By donating and supporting our work, you can be a part of helping all immigrants become successfully and meaningfully employed.