Sponsor Projects

At WILL we recognize that supporting immigrants involves more than just supporting each client’s individual employment needs or helping employers fill employment gaps. In order to truly change the way that immigrants find jobs and create truly diverse workplaces includes being advocates and leaders in promotion of inclusivity and anti-racist practices within our communities and workplaces.

The partnerships and sponsor organizations that WILL works alongside with are key to our expertise and leadership. At WILL we are proud to be working along with:

Employment Sector Council

Employment Sector Council (ESC) is a collaborative network of more than 40 member organizations, which work together to provide high-quality, consistent employment and training services across our region. ESC drives the prosperity of Southwestern Ontario by advocating, informing, training, networking, and collaborating with its members to enhance their capacities and to further positive community impact.
ESC’s integrated network provides job seekers and employers with choice, expertise, respect, and individual need-based service.

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London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership

The London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP) is a collaborative community initiative funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The LMLIP team work on behalf of the London and Middlesex communities to develop successful and sustainable strategies for the integration of immigrants. LMLIP is co-led by the City of London and a member of the community.

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