WILL Award

WILL Award for 2021-22: Ryan Seeley, President of Premier Business Consulting Group

The WILL Award recognizes an individual, group or company that demonstrates a significant contribution to immigrant job seekers through: Welcoming, Innovation, Learning and Leadership. With support from the WILL Board of Directors, the committee has selected Ryan Seeley, President of Premier Business Consulting Group as the WILL Award recipient. Ryan was nominated because of his commitment and support of newcomer advancement through training, recruitment, employment and leadership.

Ryan has collaborated closely with WILL to share job opportunities and support a variety of WILL programs. Along with his consistent consideration of WILL clients since 2017 through the Job Match program, Ryan has hired immigrant talent independently and supports the employment community through his involvement with YOU as a Campaign Committee Member and a Board Member with Young London. Ryan’s support of WILL has extended beyond hiring clients, he has actively participated in the Sales and Marketing team’s roundtable events, participated as a mock interviewer during client workshops and as a mentor with the WILL Immploy mentorship program.

Ryan has eagerly and willing made himself available to support any request for internationally trained newcomers and encourages his diverse team members to pursue long-term employment goals outside of his business while promoting his existing team through professional growth.

We celebrate Ryan’s enthusiasm to give of his personal and professional time to welcome and support newcomer talent and promote the program to business colleagues. This award recognizes Ryan for his leadership in building an inclusive workplace and championing diversity in the London community.

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Anne Langille Legacy Fund Award

Anne Langille was the Executive Director at WILL from 1991 to 2014. Anne was a leader in supporting the mission at WILL and change the way that immigrants find jobs and reach their full potential.

She loved her work and the well-being of others, especially those new to Canada. Anne’s leadership, compassion and humour were an inspiration to us all.

Anne Legacy Legacy Fund Award for 2021-22: Josephs’ House, London Cross Cultural Learner Centre

This award was created in 2014 in memory of Anne and to honour Anne’s legacy of community engagement and capacity-building. Staff members select a charity or non-profit that assists those in need in our community, whose values are in line with WILL’s, and whose clients reflect our community. In 2021, we selected Josephs’ House, which was established in 1987 by the Sisters of St. Joseph and now operated by the London Cross-Cultural Learner Centre (CCLC). Josephs’ House provides temporary shelter and basic needs at low cost to newly-arrived refugee claimants from all over the world who have fled their home countries in fear of persecution. These vulnerable, often lost and even traumatized individuals are provided with the practical and sometimes emotional support they need as they adjust to their new home and navigate the complex process for getting official documents, work on their asylum claims, get children into school and start learning English or looking for work. Staff provide assistance with securing suitable and affordable housing, make referrals and also assist with clothing and other needs.

Services are offered respectfully and with the aim of helping newcomers to begin their new lives in London, with the objective of encouraging self-sufficiency in a situation where newcomers are still struggling to re-establish themselves. Josephs’ House is well-known within the refugee-serving community as a valuable resource offering compassionate and supportive services for new refugees and
for facilitating economic and social integration for residents by making timely and appropriate referrals to services across areas of need: education, social services, English as a Second Language (ESL), housing and so on – including referrals to WILL for employment and credential evaluation support. We are proud to honour the staff of Josephs’ House as the 2021-22 recipient of this award.


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