Building effective job search skills

After having an understanding of the Canadian labour market, the next step in the employment journey is to develop job search skills. We offer a variety of workshops, in-person or online, to suit your needs:

Job Search Skills

This is a weeklong workshop that gives you the opportunity to learn how do an effective job search. You will be guided by a facilitator, and then have an individual appointment with an Employment Advisor to create your resume and cover letter in line with your job goals.

Networking & Social Media

Social media knowledge and skills are essential for today’s job seeker. This workshop helps you understand why social media is so important and effective in your career development, job search and online networking. You will be able to create and update your own social media accounts with help from a facilitator.

Job Search Workshops

This workshop is done in collaboration with the London Cross Cultural Learning Centre (CCLC) and each person attending will have their own individual assessment, an employment action plan, and a referral to employment service resources that will best support you in your job search.

Need Urgent Help With A Job Application – Priority Response

We understand that at times you may find the perfect job for you and need to respond urgently. At WILL we have an expert priority response team that is there to support you so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. This service can help you with your resume and interview preparation with 2-3 days turnaround to meet those short deadlines.