Preparing for the Canadian job market and success in the workplace

While the employment journey on the surface may appear to be the same for Canadian born job seekers and immigrants, there are many other factors to consider if you are new to Canada.

Some of the additional challenges that immigrants face and this is where WILL’s Employment Preparation team is valuable in offering unique training and skills to immigrant clients that are designed to specifically address the barriers newcomers face in integrating to the Canadian labour market.

We offer a variety of workshops and classes to address the challenges and cultural differences of the employment process in Canada.

Our workshops help immigrants learn about Canadian workplace culture, labour market information, job search and networking techniques, and the tools and steps needed to stay on track toward the goal of securing a desired career in Canada.

Our objective is to support immigrants in developing the tools and skills to successfully market themselves and feel confident in the job search market and once employed, in the Canadian workforce.

Employment Preparation Workshop

This workshop is really valuable to immigrants as it gives you the opportunity to experience Canadian Workplace Culture, meet other newcomer professionals and share your experiences. You will learn about how to find a job in Canada, Canadian business culture, employment standards, how to promote yourself and even practice doing mock interviews to get better prepared.

Career Exploration and Labour Market Information

How do you research and find out about what job opportunities exist in your area today and what employment needs there will be in the future? This session helps you learn how to research and gather labour market information to help you as you plan your career now and for the future.

Resume Training

This workshop helps you learn and develop targeting strategies and techniques to tailor documents to postings by identifying the important key words in job postings for applications.

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