Supply Chain Bridge Training

Supporting Canada’s supply chain sector.

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused one of the largest threats to business operations and continuity. With lockdowns, low supplies, transportation restrictions, and increased cost of materials, there is a need to transform our supply chain management system to a more sustainable model.

To proactively manage risk and transform operations beyond the gaps identified in the pandemic, employers require a labour force which has international expertise in the field.

The skill sets of internationally trained individuals can fill the gap to meet the demand in our regional labour market.

This program is delivered in partnership with the Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM) London & District Chapter. The purpose of the program is to support the demand in the supply chain sector with international trained talent, and:

  • Prepare highly skilled individuals to use their transferable skills and experience into commensurate employment in Supply Chain Management and integrate into the Canadian labour market;
  • Engage employers in smaller, rural and remote communities to promote the workforce integration of Internationally trained immigrants to strengthen supply chains across the broader region.

Participants have the option of taking various recognized supply chain technical training courses as part of the program including:

Introduction to Supply Chain Principles 

The proper management of inventory, the planning process, manufacturing, distribution management, logistics, processes, and the purchasing function are fundamental to a successful supply chain. This course covers key concepts and terms to start building a working knowledge of the methods, techniques, and language of operations management and supply chain management.

  • Introduction to Distribution and Logistics
  • Introduction to Manufacturing Management
  • Introduction to Planning
  • Introduction to Process and Operations
  • Introduction to Inventory Management
  • Introduction to Purchasing and Procurement


Supply Chain Planning Certificate Program 

Synchronization is critical to fast, accurate production and delivery. By engaging all parts of the business, professionals can align planning processes and enable their supply chain organizations to experience significantly fewer disruptions. ASCM’s Supply Chain Planning Certificate program introduces these essential planning fundamentals and clearly explains how to integrate all planning functions within a company. After completing the program, participants will have the knowledge and ability to:

  • Trace the flow of planning from business plan to execution
  • Link business strategy to company plans
  • Interpret and manage the master production schedule
  • Interpret and manage the material requirements plan
  • Help advance sales and operations planning meetings
  • Identify technologies to support synchronous planning
  • Create a channel tree design for a distribution system
  • Determine order and reorder points
  • Contribute to production and control activities


Supply Chain Procurement Certificate Program 

The Supply Chain Procurement Certificate program is a foundational education program designed to help both entry-level and experienced supply chain professionals expand their procurement knowledge and skills.  The program provides an overview of procurement fundamentals, sourcing strategies, supplier relationship management, negotiations, evaluation metrics, and more. Participants will be better equipped to:

  • Develop a strategic sourcing strategy
  • Establish effective procurement policies
  • Effectively score supplier capabilities and select optimal suppliers
  • Engage in more effective contract management negotiations
  • Trace the purchase order flow from requirements identification to purchase order close-out
  • Review supplier and internal procurement organization performance using data and metrics
  • Engage in sustainable and ethical sourcing

Click here to register and attend our upcoming Information Session for this program via Eventbrite. 

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This Employment Ontario project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.