Career Planning & Alternative Employment Options

Career planning and alternative employment options for regulated professionals.

When the accreditation or licensure process in your profession will take some time, or is no longer an option, we provide you with options to identify and explore meaningful alternative career pathways.

Career counselling and exploring alternative employment options helps us connect internationally trained workers with employment opportunities as soon as possible after your arrival in Canada, while keeping your options open to pursue certification or licensure in regulated and non-regulated professions.

Through counselling services, you can gain a better understanding of the process for professional employment in your field in Canada, and became aware of the benefits of pursuing alternative employment. This is so important because there are many steps to finding employment in your profession in Ontario including: credential evaluation, licensure/certification, language benchmarks, bridge training and/or examinations. All these steps can take some time so at WILL we are here you make the best employment choices for your long term goals.

Additionally, we know that having an alternate career path is important to explore, but that many internationally trained professionals fail to plan well so that they can find employment in their field or other emerging jobs in highly competitive professional sectors.

Internationally trained professionals can access counselling services, support, assessment and planning for a specific alternative employment pathway and find unique job opportunities they may not be aware of.

WILL’s relationship with employers throughout the region is key piece in how we support you. By supporting you with your career goals we have the opportunity to highlight and promote you to employers for potential employment opportunities.

Some examples of occupations where our clients have found alternative employment include:

  • Production Lab Scientist
  • Construction Manager
  • Architectural Technician
  • Operations Manager
  • General Construction Estimator
  • Project Coordinator
  • Managing Consultant

Counselling for alternative employment helps internationally trained professionals:

  • Develop a clear understanding of your professional options
  • Develop your unique pathway to employment
  • Get the labour market facts for your profession and possible career alternatives
  • Strengthen your knowledge regarding the transferability of your credentials and professional experiences
  • Discover why competencies such as critical thinking, self-directed learning, collaboration, and innovation and creativity are important
  • Avoid getting locked into survival jobs and locked out of professional employment
  • Become job ready and be marketed for employment

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