Our Story

We are changing how immigrants find jobs.
We are focused on empowering immigrants to reach their full potential.

For more than 37 years, WILL Employment Solutions has been creating innovative opportunities to bring immigrants and employers together throughout Ontario.

We offer specialized services to meet your unique needs. If you are:

  • A newcomer in Canada and starting over – WILL Work is a suite of services that welcome and prepare job seekers, with a specialty for immigrant talent, to find meaningful work in Ontario
  • An immigrant in a regulated profession and wanting to restart or continue your career, our experts at WILL Access provide information and application assistance to internationally trained individuals seeking licensure or related employment in Ontario’s regulated professions
  • An employer who is looking for effective employment tools and resources to recruit, hire and retain international talent; our WILL Immploy team is available to support your needs

You need solutions that are welcoming, innovative, offer continuous learning and that are promoted by strong leadership to find new opportunities and grow.

You need WILL Employment Solutions.

As the only full service, no cost, immigrant employment solutions provider in Ontario; we welcome, prepare and advocate to the mutual benefit of both immigrant & employers.

We guide and nurture employee engagement and retention.

We are leaders and supporters of diversity and inclusion.
We empower all.

And we do so, always with respect and always with excellence. That is simply who we are.

We never stop welcoming, innovating, learning and leading.

Welcome to WILL!

Our History

WILL was founded in 1984 as Women Immigrants of London Resource Service Centre – a non profit community organization dedicated to helping immigrant women integrate into the London community. Over the years, WILL’s services expanded to employment counselling, preparation, and placement for immigrant men and women, and later to Canadian-born men and women. In 2022, WILL rebranded from WIL Employment Connections to WILL Employment Solutions.

We welcome immigrant job seekers at all levels and from all backgrounds; we connect them to employers who are looking to attract and retain qualified talent. We pave the way for innovation in preparing for job opportunities and recruiting talent. We continuously learn from members of our team and the clients and partners we serve to improve and enhance our offerings. We empower our clients to take the lead in their journey to meaningful employment. And we lead the employment sector with our efforts to advocate for diversity in the workplace and to create and deliver projects that advance immigrant employment in Ontario.

Today WILL is a leader in immigrant employment services and not only guides immigrants to understand and prepare for their chosen career in Canada, support employers in finding skilled employees to address labour growth needs, most importantly we understand and advocate for globally diverse communities because we know why newcomers so important to our communities

While we specialize in newcomer labour market integration, WILL provides services to any unemployed person who is eligible to work in Canada and our programs and services are funded through all three levels of government.

As leaders in the employment sector WILL has the expertise of both the London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership and the Employment Sector Council within the organization. These projects are focused on leading and strengthening the integration of Immigrants into the community and working across organizations to provide high-quality employment and training in the area.

Learn more about how the London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership and the Employment Sector Council are leading the employment and integration of Immigrants in our region.

Mission, Vision & Values

At WILL we understand that regardless of the cultural diversity of the people we work with, our vision and values keep us focused on our reason for being and ensures that we are offering the quality services focused on respect and excellence.